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Pre Paid Metering

Having problems managing your electricity usage. We install Single and Three Phase Meters.

Thermal Scanning

Don't become a fire statistic. We can identify potential problems before they occur.

Transformer Servicing

Regular servicing will prolong the lifespan of your transformer. Call us for a no obligation quotation.

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Enisave Solutions has an excellent track record when it comes to service delivery as well as competitive pricing.

We are literally just a call away.

Other Services

Thermal (Infrared) Scanning

Infrared thermography is a non-destructive/non-intrusive option to provide a "pro-active" approach for your equipment maintenance instead ......

Electrical Compliance Certification (COC)

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is issued by a registered and qualified electrician as a guarantee that any electrical work has been carried out ACCORDING to SANS10142.

Transformer Servicing and Repairs

Reliable transformer maintenance and onsite repair service, consisting of a wide range of electrical work including transformer installation.

Management and Consulting

We provide highly skilled consultants and contractors, delivering immediate expertise to your project or operational teams. These services range from initiating, planning, implementing, managing and controlling to closing out of projects.

Data Recording and Analysis

Detecting energy waste and improving uptime is an important aspect of daily work in any facility. Analyzing, diagnosing and solving power quality issues can be a challenge, with many variables to take into consideration.

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