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At Enisave Solutions, we're dedicated to advancing environmental efficiency through precise measurement, powered by our cutting-edge FLIR thermal cameras. FLIR, renowned as "The world’s sixth sense," has engineered a state-of-the-art thermal radiation camera line capable of detecting even the slightest temperature differentials, known as "Delta T." Leveraging this technology, we've expanded our reach across diverse industries and environments, enabling us to identify energy-saving opportunities and mitigate risks effectively.

Understanding that heat represents resistance at its core, we utilize thermal imaging to pinpoint areas of resistance and strategize solutions for optimizing efficiency. Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore new avenues continually. Whether you believe thermal imaging could benefit your operations or if you have inquiries about our services, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone, or in-person consultation. At Enisave Solutions, we're here to empower you with transformative energy solutions tailored to your needs.

Enisave Solutions is an Approved Infrared Surveying Supplier to Santam Insurance

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Infrared Surveys we offer

Electrical Thermography

Implementing Quarterly, bi-annual or annual Infrared Inspections will ensure that you are not a victim to unnecessary downtime or fires.

Mechanical Thermography

Infrared Inspections will ensure that your mechanical equipment always performs optimally.

Moisture Detection

Infrared Inspections will highlight moisture ingress through walls, roof and flooring allowing you to carry out remedial work before it's too late.

Steam Pipe Lagging

Infrared Inspections can highlight where lagging has broken down inside of steam piping.

Why choose Enisave Solutions

Thermal Infrared Surveys are referred to as NDT (Non Destructive Testing) which implies there is no disruption to production during the Infrared Inspections

  • 01 Our Thermgraphers are ITC Certified

    Being ITC Certified is a mark of excellence in the field of thermography, and we're proud to say that all of our thermographers at Enisave Solutions hold this prestigious certification. This certification from the Infrared Training Center (ITC) signifies that our thermographers have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct accurate and reliable thermal imaging inspections.

    With ITC Certification, our thermographers demonstrate proficiency in understanding thermal principles, interpreting thermal images, and using thermal imaging equipment effectively. This certification instills confidence in our clients, assuring them that they are working with qualified professionals who adhere to the highest standards of quality and expertise in thermography.

    At Enisave Solutions, we prioritize professionalism and excellence in all aspects of our work, and our team of ITC Certified thermographers reflects our commitment to delivering superior thermal imaging services to our clients..

  • Enisave Solutions has extensive experience in most industries. Our Customer base speaks for itself. Our Thermographers have carried out Infrared Surveys in all the various Industries throughout Southern Africa.

  • Enisave Solutions has a strict policy regarding Thermographic Reports, our customers are guaranteed that reports will be finalised and delivered via email within 24 Hours of the Infrared Survey being conducted.


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